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Know Your Rights: A Workshop Series - Shared screen with speaker view
Ginny LaRoe
Welcome everyone. Thanks for joining us today.
Ashlee Sims
Thank you for putting this workshop series on! It is appreciated :)
Danielle richardson
how can we access the recording afterwards
Erik Anderson
we can see you, Tasha
Linda Sutter
I placed a cpra request into my county on april 22, 2022 . the county attorney responded by may 3, and stated he would be able to fulfill my request by the 16th of May. . On the 16th of may the county attorney wrote and stated he would not be able to give me the information until June 16th. He did not give any lawful justification. At which point do I begin to file a writ of mandate to enforce CPRA request?
Ginny LaRoe
Here are those links: https://firstamendmentcoalition.org/cpra-primer/Police Transparency Guidehttps://firstamendmentcoalition.org/police-transparency-guide/Hotlinehttps://firstamendmentcoalition.org/legal-hotline/Follow:https://twitter.com/FACoalitionJoin:https://firstamendmentcoalition.org/join-fac/
Linda Sutter
can we get a copy of the letter that you submitted?
Julie Leopo
Yes, please. ^
Maura Tokarski
Without the press being involved and without the help of a lawyer how do you get police to honor laws? What government agency can you submit a complaint of non comp. torecords laws ?
Ginny LaRoe
Hotline: https://firstamendmentcoalition.org/legal-hotline/
Dylan Castillo
great resource thank you so much
Roland Lebrun
Could someone please enable closed captioning as well as the ability to save the chat? Thank you!
Maura Tokarski
In marin the Marin IJ is the on;ly paper and that paper refuses to investigate police abuse and has not even 1 reporter devoted d to investigative reporting so in Marin it is impossible to get Board of Ed / Police to honor laws
Maura Tokarski
Please Explain how the loop hole _ that records request “is too much burrdon
Ginny LaRoe
PRA templates and a full PRA Primer: https://firstamendmentcoalition.org/legal-hotline/
Linda Sutter
does court house have the right to refuse you to take a picture of the legal document in a file
Ashlee Sims
Can they say this to me because I want to go and review the records in person : In order to respond to your request those records must be located and reviewed for records or information that are exempt from disclosure and sorted into ones that we can disclose or cannot disclose. Some records may need to be redacted in order to have them available to you. All these tasks take time and must be completed before you would be able to come and inspect them.
Catherine Mendonça
can we please address my questions on the first amendment state suppression beginning 2021? some serious cointel pro happened during this election season.
Catherine Mendonça
^ squeaky wheel ♡
Catherine Mendonça
what about non profits who take money from law enforcement?
Catherine Mendonça
the mayor to a non profit?
Linda Sutter
Ricardo Lara California State Commissioner made SB824 exempt from CPRA per 6254(d) this is concerning throughout the whole state due to increase of homeowners insurance
Catherine Mendonça
keyword, sustained
Linda Sutter
CHP did not get that memo. After a shooting resulting in Death by a ChP officer on August 25, 2021, The CHP refused to allow the public to know who the officer was that pulled the trigger stating, " we respect the privacy of the officer."
Yadi Y
I have seen some agency budgets asking for more funds to fulfill PRRs, citing an increase in requests as a result of these two recent bills.
Ginny LaRoe
We have a few sample request and pushback letters on our site. I'll make sure to call out a few in our post-event email. firstamendmentcoalition.org
Linda Sutter
how long is an active investigation? 2 years? 5 Years?
Monica Price
if we don't get to them today, Ginny will take note of the questions and we will email some answers later
Ashlee Sims
WIll the recording be avaliable, after this meeting?
Tasha Williamson
@AshleeSims FAC will have the recording on their website.
Parisa Vinzant
I have found that some city employees often use a text app that auto deletes messages within a set period, i.e. 30 days. So a record will not be retained past whatever is that set timeframe. I also find it odd that for certain depts less used to PRAs (e.g., not PD), it's often up to the PRA'd employee to use good faith to review their own communications and determine if there's something germane to the PRA. I find it odd that there isn't a centralized and more independent person to make these determinations.
Ginny LaRoe
Sharing some of these key links again Here are those links: https://firstamendmentcoalition.org/cpra-primer/Police Transparency Guidehttps://firstamendmentcoalition.org/police-transparency-guide/Hotlinehttps://firstamendmentcoalition.org/legal-hotline/Follow:https://twitter.com/FACoalitionJoin:https://firstamendmentcoalition.org/join-fac/
John Underwood
are campaign contribution forms (such as 460s) required to be disseminated "upon demand" and not subject to PRA submission?
Catherine Mendonça
Jennifer LeSar!
Catherine Mendonça
yes please
Catherine Mendonça
mayors office?
Catherine Mendonça
toni atkins?
Catherine Mendonça
they have
Catherine Mendonça
Catherine Mendonça
developers corrupt our politicians
Cindy Ramirez
Are social media correspondences of government officials covered under PRA?
Danielle richardson
can we only get police body worn camera footage for critical events?
Cindy Ramirez
That's interesting! Thank you for answering.
Ashlee Sims
You all are amazing!
Catherine Mendonça
a lot of attorneys are compromised because of the Democratic party and elections
Monica Price
The public records act is in the Government Code. Starting at Government Code section 6252
Crystal Quezada
Thank you!
Tasha Williamson
Thank you everyone for joining us and staying on.
Catherine Mendonça
conflict of interest law
Catherine Mendonça
may I be unmuted?
Coleen Cusack
Cory Briggs. He handles these cases effectively against the City.
Catherine Mendonça
may I be unmuted
Catherine Mendonça
it's called selling out to developers
Catherine Mendonça
I tried across the state and NY, NAW
Catherine Mendonça
take care, but I'm disappointed about the full media blackout during state suppression and it should be addressed.
Coleen Cusack
If person is charged with an infraction, that person is entitled to get the body worn camera evidence (if it exists) under Constitution. (See People v. Houser (2022) 78 Cal.App.5th Supp.1). They should ask the City Attorney and the investigating agency, bring proof of the responses denying the request and ask for dismissal if not produced.
Tasha Williamson
@CatherineMenodoca please go through their hotline to see if they can help you with any First Amendment supports you may need.
Tasha Williamson
@Danielle look at @ColeenCusack’s post at 7:37pm on here.
Virginia Casey
I have been trying to get records from the SD County Sheriff pertaining to the their research for and justification of cannabis licensing fees and have been put off twice now. With the following: "The Sheriff’s Department is still reviewing records potentially responsive to this request.The Sheriff’s Department intends to provide all non-exempt, and non-privileged materials responsive to this request. The Sheriff's Department reserves the right to assert any applicable exemptions and privileges. The Sheriff's Department will provide you with an update or the responsive documents by end of business on Friday, June 17, 2022, and if any records are withheld under exemptions not previously identified, additional applicable exemptions will be identified at that time.Sincerely,Edna RainsSan Diego County Sheriff's Department"
Mel Opotowsky
Are agency e-mail lists public record/
Virginia Casey
Do you have any advice on how I can push this forward as the proposed fees are coming before the board again in the next few months.
Marilyn Jasper
If the chat could be sent out, it would be helpful, or at least the technical aspects. I cannot copy / paste any of it.